Why Go Solar ?

Solar energy is a totally renewable energy source - and it's free !

What Is Solar Energy ?

Solar energy comes from the sun and is converted by solar panels into electricity to power you home office or business.

Solar energy is a totally renewable energy source and it’s free!

The most common solar technology in use in Australia is solar photovoltaic (PV): the conversion of sunlight directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells.

PV systems can be installed on rooftops, integrated into building designs and vehicles, or scaled up to megawatt scale power plants.

How Solar Works

Solar power is the process of sunlight (photo) converting into electricity (voltaic). Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are made up of special cells containing silicon that absorb photons from the sun’s rays. Each silicon atom has four outer electrons that can be easily displaced (valence electrons) and when sunlight hits the solar panel cells, it collides with the electrons in the silicon. The electrons are collected via the silver fingers on the cell and channeled to the busbars (thick silver lines on the cells). These act like a freeway allowing the electrical current to flow. So when a series of solar panels are placed on a roof in a northerly direction and at an angle that maximises the amount of exposure to the sun, the electricity generated from this is called direct current (DC).

Solar Power Systems

A residential solar power system is a clean and cost-effective way to generate electricity for the household needs. It uses alternating current (AC) power and therefore requires the DC power generated from the solar panels converted into AC power. A solar inverter transforms the DC electricity into AC electricity so that it may be suitable for the home’s power supply. A common solar system used in most homes and businesses is connected to the electricity grid (power company). This allows the use of electricity generated from the solar system during the day and then at night when the sun goes down, power is supplied from the grid.


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