We offer a comprehensive 25/12/25 warranty guarantee

Linear Warranty LR

A Tradition Of Excellence

Our Warranties Outweigh Many Other Manufacturers


The comprehensive Sapphire Solar 25+25 Warranty guarantees that every panel maintains its long-term stability and performance, delivering maximum return on investment in every solar installation.

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim everything is handled locally and efficiently with support from our Australian Head Office.


  • 25 year Product Warranty
  • 12 year Performance Warranty at 90% power output
  • 25 year Performance Warranty at 80% power output
  • Premium Linear Performance Warranty

For a copy of Sapphire Solar’s Australian warranty documentation please click here.

For a copy of Sapphire Solar’s UK warranty documentation please click here.

For assistance with any warranty claims please phone our Australian Head Office on 1300308751 or the UK Office on 07943388634

Quality Is Key

Sapphire Solar Panels Have A Strict Production Process

Sapphire Solar understands that building a high-quality solar module is about being at the heart of the production process and getting it right from the start. Our on-the-ground engineering means we have the physical ability to reject poor materials that don’t meet our specific standards.

Only our stringent quality assurance process delivers the Sapphire Solar A-Grade Assurance:

  1. A-Grade Components – careful procurement of trusted and compliant components such as the industry-leading solar cells, backsheets and encapsulants to suit high UV conditions.
  2. A-Grade Procedures – daily raw material checks, production inspections and procedure checks to ensure our strict manufacturing parameters are maintained.
  3. A-Grade Testing – stringent testing to ensure that every Sapphire Solar panel satisfies our strict performance and safety criteria.