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The next level in renewable energy

Clean energy that’s cheap and virtually endless – this is the simple premise that has driven the worldwide solar revolution over the last decade. By 2050, it is predicted that solar power will become the world’s largest electricity producer.

Energy storage is the next stage in this revolution.

A solar power system’s maximum energy output occurs when its fuel source – sunlight – is at its peak. But this isn’t always when a household or business needs the energy and so any excess power generated goes to waste.

The ability to capture renewable energy for use at peak times when it is in high demand and expensive is essential in unlocking its ultimate value.

Battery technology has responded to this challenge and a range of options are now available to complement both domestic and commercial PV systems.

Having energy available whenever and wherever you need it – this is the ability to truly Power Yourself !.


LITHIUM GEM SERIES 2400/4800/7000

  • LiFePO4 composition
  • 2.4kWh /4.8kWh /7.0kWh/DOD 90%
  • High safety and reliability
  • 6000cycles/10 year service life
  • Consistent performance over wide temperature range
  • Wall-mounted, convenient installation
  • Seamless interface with Sapphire Solar Gem Series Hybrid Inverter
  • Integrated state-of-the-art BMS
  • 5/10 year warranties available



Lithium Battery Gem Series 4800/7000 data sheet


Lithium Battery Gem Series 2400 data sheet

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  • Built-in Emergency Power Supply
  • Operation: On-Grid(5kW),Charging and discharging(2.5kW),Backup(2.5k VA)
  • Flexible export restriction functionality
  • Wide voltage range
  • Exceptional inverter efficiency
  • Full demand response mode functionality (DRM compliant)
  • Wi-Fi remote monitoring – SCADA-enabled technology
  • IP-65 rated weather and dust proof design
  • 5/10 year warranties available
  • Very low noise – no fan


Hybrid Inverter User Manual (V7)


Hybrid Inverter data sheet


Hybrid Inverter data sheet



All Sapphire Solar Hybrid Battery Storage Solutions have wireless monitoring included as standard.

This allows users to view their system’s performance in real-time from any smartphone, tablet or

It also enables remote updating of firmware as well as remote troubleshooting and servicing by our
accredited service providers.


Australia :
Wi-Fi Monitoring data sheet

Battery energy flow new


Australian-owned Sapphire Solar has a proven track record and extensive knowledge and experience in the renewables sector. On this basis the expansion into battery storage was an obvious decision.

In collaboration with our established supplier networks, we have developed a complete solar storage package that provides the ultimate in flexibility and reliability for our customers.

Sapphire Solar’s Integrated Solar Package:

  • Premium 270W PV Modules specifically designed to withstand the extreme Australian climate
  • Hybrid Inverter with blackout protection functionality
  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries with optimised charging Wi-Fi and hard wired connections with advanced software features
  • Best warranties available in the industry, with exclusive upgrades unlike any other supplier
  • Local system design, installation and after-sales support


Australia :
Sapphire Solar’s Integrated Solar Package


The Sapphire Solar Hybrid Battery Storage Solution has been built by a single manufacturer using only premium components designed to seamlessly interface with one another.

This integrated design not only leads to higher levels of efficiency but also reduces the risks of problems occurring during their lifetime.

To provide complete peace of mind to our retailers/installers and their customers., Sapphire Solar provides a compehensive 5-YEAR warranty package on our Hybrid Storage Solution as standard.

Sapphire Solar Gem Series Hybrid Inverter Warranty Terms 



After-sales support is the biggest challenge facing the solar industry today. As part of your investment in a Sapphire Solar Hybrid Battery Storage Solution, you will receive efficient and local after-sales service.

Sapphire Solar has several service partners in Australia which means that if in the event a problem should arise, customers are directed to contact their retailer or installer who will be assisted by our service parters, Using the system’s remote connectivity, a technician will log into the device and diagnose the fault.

If the fault cannot be fixed remotely then the product can be delivered to one of our local service centres for prompt problem resolution as per warranty conditions.This is just another example of Sapphire Solar’s commitment to the delivery of both exceptional products and service.