40-Step Process

Unique to the solar industry is Sapphire's 40 Step Quality Assurance

40 Step Quality Assurance Process

The Sapphire Solar Industry Leading Standard

Unique to the solar industry is the Sapphire Solar 40 Step Quality Assurance Process.

All Sapphire Solar modules are made with only A-Grade components, procedures and testing to ensure a high-performing and durable product.

These stringent tests and measures are above and beyond the standard QA measures that currently exist in many other solar manufacturing facilities around the world.

Driven by the commitment to product innovation, industry leading practices and standards in both solar panel design and manufacture, Sapphire Solar’s own manufacturing plant is world class and only produces “A Grade” products.

We simply won’t settle for anything less.

Our dedicated on-ground Chief Engineer oversees the procurement, component selection and manufacture of each and every Sapphire Solar Panel.

The end result of this rigorous process is premium, powerful performance from a solar panel tested to outperform leading brands.


The 40 Step Benefits

A Quality Check Process Like No Other

  • Factory Check – Sapphire Solar’s dedicated production facility complies with all relevant ISO / TUV / MCS/ UL standards ensuring A grade manufacturing process at all times
  • Component Check – A comprehensive range of stringent tests are systematically conducted on all components procured for use in Sapphire Solar panels including individual cells, backsheets, encapsulants, tempered glass, busbars, framing and silicon or tape sealants. Any components that do not meet our strict requirements are rejected immediately by the Sapphire Solar on-site Chief Engineer.
  • Production Process and Quality Check – Each step of Sapphire Solar’s manufacturing process is closely scrutinised. A series of rigorous tests are conducted on every Sapphire Solar panel as it passes through the production line. Key tests include:
    • Dual electroluminescence (EL) testing applied both pre- and post-lamination to identify any micro-defects not visible to the naked eye
    • Flash testing to determine the correct electrical output of the panel
  • Additional Performance Testing – Sapphire Solar conducts a range of additional testing on the completed modules and their components to ensure they will stand the test of time in any environment, performing in many cases above and beyond international standards:
    • Thermal cycling test
    • Double 85 cycling (damp heat) test
    • Hotspot testing
    • UV endurance testing of encapsulants and backsheets
    • Mechanical load testing
    • Electrical safety ‘Hipot’ test including dielectric withstand test and wet leakage test
    • Framing and sealant endurance testing
    • Fire safety testing

Sapphire Solar’s 40-Step Quality Assurance process enables us to have 100% control over our panel production, delivering panels that display exceptional output performance in a range of challenging environments.

The comprehensive Sapphire Solar 10/12/25 Warranty guarantees that every panel maintains its long-term stability and performance, delivering maximum return on investment in every solar installation.

Delivering exceptional low light performance and providing high durability, Sapphire Solar is fast becoming Australia’s solar panel provider of choice.

Free energy is everyone’s right – 


Sapphire Solar understands that building a high-quality solar module is about being at the heart of the production process and getting it right from the start.

The presence of our on-the-ground engineer means we have the physical ability to reject poor materials that don’t meet our specific standards.